Monday, December 20, 2010


Hmm let's see now... did anything happen in October? Ummm... hmmm... welll... geez...

My birthday! Peter and Kathy hosted a celebration for me at their house.  Skip, Lisa, and Lydia came along with some friends from the nursery.

Sarah, Gwen, and me

Me & Meghan



Angel's Rest

The big September event was a hike to a place in the Columbia River Gorge called Angel's Rest.  It was my first day off since probably May and a great way to spend it.


I guess I don't really have any pictures from August.  What can I say, working 7 days/week this summer was very busy.

Women's League

This summer I played in an all women's league of ultimate frisbee.  It was pretty funny and I definitely learned a lot.  I will probably do it again next summer and do another co-ed league in the spring.

The one thing about spring league is that laying out to catch the frisbee didn't feel too good on my shins and knee... fortunately a little ice made it all better.

New Place

In July I moved into my new house on Everett Street.  I have two other housemates who have 2 cats.

4th of July

On the 4th of July a bunch of us went to our co-worker Joe's to celebrate the holiday and our pal Brenda's birthday.  I made some chicken kabobs and some vegan kabobs with some home-made marinades. After the party we biked downtown to watch the fireworks.

May & June 2010

I am doing some major blog updates.  In May, Chris's band played Portland on their tour.  It was really cool to see them play again and to hang out with Chris. I wish they had been able to stay a little longer though and see the city.

 Fast forward to May.  Lydia and I had an adventure at Movie Madness.  I met John Wayne there and talked him down from using his rifle in the store.