Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Drive to Work

My drive to work may not be short, but it sure is pretty!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beautiful Winter Day!

Today is a beautiful day! I went to town earlier for the mail, to pick something up at Maine Coast Book Shop and to check out Skidompha- they have new winter hours which makes getting there on the weekends much easier for people like me of the working world.

At the bookstore I finally bought Eclipse, which both Amelia and I are ready to read. I have the first two books (Twilight and New Moon) as well as the last (Breaking Dawn), which I randomly found at TJ Maxx last week.

At the library, I borrowed the film Dr. Strangelove and the books The Monsters of Templeton and The September Society, both new fiction. Not to pick a book by its cover or anything, but the cover art of The Monsters of Templeton is really neat! The September Society is a mystery, which isn't usually a genre I read but I decided that I should mix it up a little bit.