Monday, December 29, 2008

The Thaw

Yesterday we experienced some nice warm (in the 40's-50's) temperatures and today, although it is slightly cooler, is still nice, I'd even go so far as to call it vest weather. Inside my office however, it is a completely different story, I'd say it's more like t-shirt weather or at least that's how I am feeling with tights, new Carhartt socks (thanks Amelia!) and lined boots... I think I went a little overboard in the foot warmth department today.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Heart Hat

I started this hat today while playing cribbage with Amelia. Right now, it looks like a jellyfish but when it is done I think it will be very cute! Also, incase it isn't obvious, it is not for me but for a child.

Well we got hit pretty hard with snow yesterday/last night. Fortunately, it is powdery making it easy to shovel but also easy to fly in your face when the wind blows.

Anyway, with all this snow, a few thoughts come to mind, thoughts of snowmen, thoughts of snow angels, and thoughts of SLEDDING. Of course, sledding in soft snow pretty much equals sitting in a non moving sled that has completely sunk in to the snow... as my mother found out:

Start up real high!

Give it a good push...

What a ride!

In other news, Grady and Patch have a good ol' case of ice face and Spencer has taken the teenage cat thing way to far, and is getting quite sassy.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


outisde chimney
stove grate

stove top

Well the snow has been steadily falling for the past few hours. Weatherbird was open today, for a change, and Amelia went in this morning to work but was able to leave early due to the storm. Sasha seems to particularly like the snow, but perhaps even more than the snow, she seems to like running off and coming back with someone's garbage, oh what fun! Yesterday she brought back a bag of old bagels... (I don't know why someone wouldn't just put them out for the birds or take them down to the river for the geese)

Anyway, Spencer is curled up on my lap after an exhausting morning of chasing Sweet Pea, his tail, and anything else that moves when pawed at; Sasha is finally back inside, forced to play with dog bones and chew toys instead of the neighbors' trash; Sweet Pea is MIA, most likely looking out a window, scurrying her paws against it hoping it will magically open; Serena is in the basement exploring; and Grady and Patch are probably outside standing in the snow, they never seem to do anything exciting. Now that Amelia is home from work, she and I are going to watch Sense & Sensibility while she huddles under a blanket and I do some knitting.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ice Storm!

So we had an ice storm here Thursday afternoon into Friday, lost power Friday morning and got it back this afternoon! During this time, I kept busy in the daylight by reading, knitting, cooking, and stocking up on candles and flashlights.

Mom says don't worry, the tree normally bends over like that...

Icy Grass!
Pansies really are cold-hardy!

New cable-knit hat!

Other new cable-knit hat- for this one, I made the cable section first, bound it off, and knit on it on the wrong side to make it so that the right side (cabled side) would fold up, making this hat extra warm on the ears!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Spring Memories

This spring, we sponsored a woodcock watch in Somerville. Cathy and Grammy came along for the fun. Here are some pictures from that evening.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

New hat

Today I finished up this hat that I started yesterday!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Knitting with Spencer

Spencer is my knitting side-kick. He holds the yarn, knits when my hands are tired, and keeps things in order.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Tonight I made a broccoli, potato, and cheese frittata, even cooking it on the woodstove!

Monday, December 01, 2008

First Snow

Last night we had our first snow dusting of the season. I decided to check on "the boys" to see how they were faring.

More Crafts!

Aunt Cathy gave me several balls of yarn so that I could knit her a hat. I tried out a new knitting technique to make a nice desing on the hat which looks good but won't stretch over a head! The new technique is the part that looks like the top of a castle wall.

Cathy does not want me to take the hat apart and start over though, instead she is having me just make it longer so that it will be like a stocking cap, which hangs down in the back. The original hat ended with the blue ribbed section. Since then, I have added on the green section which I knit in a basket knit.

I know the whole thing looks a little funny right now (I think it looks like a half-made sock that would fit Shaquille O'Neal) but hopefully once I add on more and more, it will work as a hat!


Mom, David, Na and I all gathered at Debby and Jim's house for Thanksgiving dinner. The food was delicious! My mother brought mashed potatoes and a squash-based food item. I made an apple pie and a chocolate cream pie, both of which were a big hit- of course. The chocolate cream pie was especially delicious and surprisingly easy to make, with a filling consisting of unsweetened chocolate, sugar, butter, and eggs which was topped off with some nice home-made whipped cream. Yum! Enjoy the pictures from our holiday. Among them you'll find the rarely able to be photographed Ben!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Yesterday I finished up Sasha's hunting season coat. It is not reversable, but it is still pretty cute. The black part is actually paw print fabric. Sasha really likes it.

I also made a hat yesterday. It is very soft!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Baby Jeffrey

Today I am watching Jeffrey who is about 7 months old and is the baby of Sally's sister, Robin. Right now it's naptime! I made him a little bed out of blankets.

Then after naptime, Jeffrey played with Spencer...

... relaxed with Spencer...

... cooked dinner...

... and went to sleep!