Monday, June 29, 2009

Peter's Boat

Peter is building a boat! It is a special kit from some place out in Washington state. The wood is African Mahogany.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shopping in Chapel Hill

Amelia, Cathy, and I went to this great fabric store!

We found this really neat bag pattern!

And then we went to a clothing store and tried on dresses!

The Siena

Amelia and I shared a room at the Siena in Chapel Hill...much nicer accomdations than that ghetto Holiday Inn in Maryland.

When we got in our room, we slipped on our "luxury" robes and tested out the beds...

Then Amelia looked out the window to admire the parking lot...

Then we became one with the artwork in the room...

Then I used my robe's band to practice my fighting skills...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sheepscot Stuff

Here's the newly planted/edged/mulched stop sign garden:
Here's a uniquely colored lupine on the corner:

Friday, June 19, 2009

Holiday Inn

Sooo, this past week/weekend I took a little roadtrip down to North Carolina for Scott's wedding with Chuck & Grammy, picking up Amelia in Maryland along the way. The first night the 3 of us stayed at a Holiday Inn in Maryland that was pretty awful. First off, I didn't pack my body wash very well (as in, in a plastic bag) so it opened and went all over the inside of my backpack:

The backpack was just the beginning of a less-than perfect stay... next came time for dinner ordering, room service was easiest because of the random location of the hotel. Here's a sample page from the room service menu:

It seems like a nice enough menu, right? WRONG! Please not the pictures of spaghetti and fruit salad in the lower right corner...neither of which are food items available on the menu. Infact, I ordered the fruit salad and the front desk called the room back about 10 minutes later to say, "we don't have fruit salad". Also, when I placed my order, I began by saying, "I would like a coffee, a salad" and then was interrupted by the front desk man who said, "hold on" and then I heard him spelling out "c-o-f-f...." Needless to say, the food was horrible. In fact, it was from Chili's however there was no mention of Chili's anywhere on the menu. I'm pretty sure my chicken quesadilla had been cooked one week prior and re-heated every single day until I got it.
And last but not least, our phone:

Yes, it worked...but look closer at it, it says "Days Inn"