Friday, April 30, 2010

spring colors

We've been getting a lot of off-and-on rain and sun lately. I think the plants have really enjoyed this.  I also know that I have really enjoyed this because I keep getting to see rainbows.  At frisbee Tuesday night there was a triple rainbow and yesterday evening there was a double rainbow, although it might be a little difficult to see in the picture.  

Monday, April 19, 2010

i heart april

April has been good to me!  So far, it has provided me with 2 part-time/temporary jobs, 2 interviews at 2 different REI stores, and 2 free tickets to a Trailblazers game!

I will be working for the Census starting next week, when I begin my 4 consecutive days of training.  So far I am not too nervous about it considering I'll basically just be walking around our neighborhood here in Portland a couple evenings a week and on the weekends.  The job with the Census should be about 20 hours/week and will last for about 2 months, give or take.

The second job is with the 4-H cooperative extension of Oregon State University.  I will be working in their office, which is located in a nearby environmental elementary school and will start out at 10 hours/week but could jump up to as many as 20 hours/week depending on grants and other funding.  With that position, I'll be working  in the office as a support person for volunteers and writing press releases, but also helping out with educational programs.

I won my 2 Trailblazers tickets through SMART, which is one of the organizations I volunteer for.  I took Stacie with me. I was a little disappointed that the seats were not court-side (they were just about as far away from the court you could get, actually).  It was still really fun being at the game though!  I would love to go another time, with better seats and a sign (so that I can get up on the big screen).  I told Stacie that I had planned on asking her to marry me at the game so that we could get up on the big screen, she said she is glad that I did not do that and that it would have been embarrassing.  I guess she is right.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Beautiful Days

These past few days it has been absolutely beautiful outside.  This weekend we did a lot of gardening.  Today we went for a little walk.  I saw a dead rat and the "world's largest cowbell."

Here's Kathy & Peter's dogwood flowering in the backyard.

Here's the view out the window as I type right now.

Easter Eggs

I went over to Stacie and George's before Easter to decorate eggs.  It was fun! Here is my messy work station and some of my decorated eggs.