Monday, July 20, 2009

Mount Hood

Text to come later...

Canoe Trip on the Willamette around Ross Island

Kathy, Peter, Kevin, Sarah and I went for a paddle Sunday morning. Somehow I ended up in the center of the canoe, in a comfortable chair, and without a worked out well I'd say. I was able to take plenty of pictures. Below is where we put our boats in, at Sellwood Park in Portland. It was a nice little dog-friendly park.These pictures are a little out of order, but below is the Ross Island Bridge. For our little escapade we paddled around Ross Island... which is a little over a 5 mile paddle.
Paddling around the Island we noticed something tied to shore and couldn't tell what it was until we got closer...

It was a boat! I don't know why this text is underlined so I am just going to keep on writing. Anyway, this boat had a California ID on it and its window was all shattered out aaand there was a light on in the bow. Strange!
We saw a lot of birds along the paddle, below is a goose family. I think the goslings look like velociraptors!
Here are some floating homes we saw.

Here's a Great Blue Heron we saw:
Here are a couple of mergansers:
Here's a bunch of people and their dogs at the park:
Here's a view of the river looking from the Sellwood Bridge, we paddled away from the bridge (or up as it appears in this picture):
Here's a view from the Ross Island Bridge of the tip of Ross Island:

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Friday Night Sunset from Mount Tabor

Friday night we stopped by Mount Tabor and were pleasantly surprised by a beautiful sunset!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Day After

Kathy took about 50 bobby pins out of my hair and it still looked fabulous. haha

Wedding Ceremony

I stole these pictures from someone's facebook.

Getting Ready, Day of Wedding

I didn't bring my camera to the salon, so here are the hair shots I have right now.
Stacie's hair:

Here's my makeup... a bunch of us had our makeup done at the counter at Nordstrom after our hair was done. I had mine done at the Lancome counter and the lady who did it was so nice!
Here we are right before the wedding, getting ready for the ceremony:

Here are our beautiful bouquets, Stacie's is the one in the back.